At Whiteshore Real Estate we understand the unique circumstances that our customers face when trying to sell their property. We work  with customers to find the best solutions to avoid hardships such as foreclosure and tax liens. With Whiteshore Real Estate you know that you are dealing with the actual buyer and not just a middle man realtor trying to squeeze extra money from you!

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No time for those pesky real estate agents? Well we have some great news if you are looking to sell your house yourself...  We are not the agent or representative...

We ARE the actual CASH BUYER!

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We don't mess around! We look at your property, give you a firm offer, and hand you your fast cash all in 5 days or less! GUARANTEED!

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Let's be clear!


We are NOT real estate agents! We do not make referrals or represent  other agencies. We are actual cash buyers. Whether you are faced with unexpected hardship, a need to relocate, a diy flip gone over budget, or simply just want to unload some extra inventory, Whiteshore Real Estate is your #1 trusted source for an honest and fair deal!


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All it takes is a free phone call and you are on the fast track to your lump cash! Call Fadi today at 734-415-3123